Teaching the innovators of tomorrow

Teaching the innovators of tomorrow

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The Stem Educators

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Branding | Website Design | WordPress Development

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Consumer Technology

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The STEM Educators is a 21st Century Ed-Tech Startup focused on skill-based learning for kids

The STEM Educators or TSE for short aims to provide every kid with an environment where they can unleash their potential and give them an outlet for ingenuity and passionate exploration. Based out of Pakistan, their goal is to build a platform that enables anyone worldwide to access their carefully curated courses and skill-based training camps.

When TSE came to us they wanted to build a brand identity that showed off their exciting programs for kids, and their passion for making. Disruption in the education space was the end goal for them and to match their identity, our team built the brand that told this story.


Social Media Design

For Instagram, our team designed posts that introduced TSE’s courses to the world and visually showcased their brand identity as a company that was fresh, loud and exciting. The team knew launching with eye-catching posts with a different concept would attract a big audience and help the business gain traction faster. The page gained 1k followers in the coming weeks.

— Design, Build and Deploy

Our Process and Results

The Creative Team at CYBRNODE first came up with an initial draft for the logo of TSE with a vibrant colour pallet. After creating samples of how the social media posts would look our team moved on to building the website’s wireframes.

After the wireframing, the team moved on to building the UI elements of the website. Keeping the brand image in mind the website invoked a sense of fun and excitement, with a fresh look and feel.




Geometric sans serif typefaces have been a well known style tool ever considering the fact that these actors took towards the world’s stage. Poppins is one of the new comers to this long tradition. With help for the Devanagari and Latin writing systems, it is an internationalist take around the genre.

— Color Scheme

— The Result

Journey With Client

The Website was now a place where the client could show off their new courses and display their events and activities. The primary target audience being young Parents; who found the branding and website to be unique and the brand image stood out from its competition.

The STEM Educators after seeing the traction and fine-tuning their courses now aims to build an online platform for kids where they can attend online courses on subjects such as Programming, Game Development and Web Development to name a few.


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