With experience comes responsibility. Over the past few years we have authored, maintained and fixed a wide range of customized products for organizations across the world. Our diverse teams enables us to provide unmatched support for our clients. We believe in doing things right the first time.

Web Applications

Looking to digitize your business? Maybe you want to develop a tool that helps your business perform more efficiently? Our teams have extensive experience designing and building web platforms for businesses across the world. Whether it be business tools or applications made for consumers. We do it all.

Custom Applications

Need a custom app for your business or product? Can’t figure out where to start? We are just the people you are looking for. We help businesses and startups build their custom platforms and products. This includes building MVPs or complete Enterprise applications. We work closely with our clients to ensure expectations are met and quality is delivered.

UI /UX Designs

Don’t know why your users find navigating your product difficult? Wondering why your users don’t use a feature you built for them? If you’re asking yourself these questions then you might have a UX problem. And we have a team of designers that does just that. Hit us up for a consult for your product or Service 

Technologies we work with

At CYBRNODE we have a team that does amazing work with a diverse set of tools and technologies. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

UI UX / Graphic Design


Adobe xd



Front End



Back End

Nest JS

Express JS

Fast API

Android / IOS


Android Native



Mongo DB


— Our Process


Pre-Project Consultation

Finding product-market fit is the most critical stage in starting a business. To locate it, entrepreneurs must concentrate on their consumers, get feedback, and change their products accordingly.

Each project begins with a 5-day discovery process based on the well-known Google Ventures approach, which concludes with a product validation with real clients.


  • Identifying the most important solution or feature set Proof of Concept – we’re making the correct product. Validate your assumptions with actual consumers.


  • Day 1 – Selecting a problem to solve.
  • Day 2 – Defining how the problem will be solved (feature-set)
  • Day 3 – Defining the user flows (Storyboarding)
  • Day 4 – Basic sketches and rough mockups (Prototyping)
  • Day 5: Validation by genuine users 

01 – 02 weeks

Team Involved

Project Manager, Customer Success Representative



The user journeys in the app are established based on the result of the product definition phase, and the UX designer produces smooth and engaging experiences.

Our graphic design team enhances such experiences to include your brand and entice your target audience. We are huge supporters of clean, simple interfaces that let users do activities quickly and easily.


  • Iterate on the concept and designs before moving on with the development.
  • Before coding, get comments and make adjustments.
  • Create a fresh brand and concept that consumers will enjoy.


  • Map of user trips as output
  • The flow diagram is shown here as a wireframe.
  • The app’s displays have a distinct visual identity (UI design). 

02 – 03 weeks

Team Involved

Project Manager, UI & UX Designers



When it comes to building new products, flexibility is key, which is why we use an Agile methodology, which means you’ll get Alpha versions of the app often so you may gather feedback, test, and modify processes as a founder.

Aside from development, our QA team guarantees that no problems are detected in created features and that all flows are working properly when new features are added.


  • Create a bug-free product that performs as intended.


  • A completely tested, pixel-perfect, working mobile app that adheres to the designs and specifications.
  • To support the app, a high-performing backend service is required. We make sure the back-end is on par with the front-end.

Depending on Project Complexity

Team Involved

Project Manager, Customer Success Representative, Lead Designer, Lead Developer (Full-Stack), Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, DevOps


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