10 Lifechanging Figma Plugins You Probably Didn’t Know About

10 Lifechanging Figma Plugins You Probably Didn’t Know About

Plugins play an essential role in designing. They speed up the design process and also help to build better design. These are my top 10 Figma plugins you probably don’t know about it.

1. Iconify
This plugin is a problem solver for me. I normally search for every icon from different websites at the start but when I found this plugin it gives me tons of options for the same icon. You can directly drop icons in the Figma file. The good thing is that all the icons are SVG, you can change the colors, and sizes according to your need. A bonus point is that it also has the library set for fluent, material, Bootstrap, and many more.

2. Coolors
Are you afraid of how to decide on the color scheme of your project? but not for now. Coolors is the plug to generate the cool color palate for your project. It gives you ready-to-use color palettes and you can generate your own too with a different variant of the same color 😊.

3. Unsplash
Everyone is familiar with Unsplash i hope so. They provide a Figma plugin for inserting images into your project. All images are free to use in personal and commercial projects as well. Search the image drag and drop it directly into the Figma file, no need to go and search for images outside the Figma file😊. It also has the orientation option (Landscape, Portrait, Square).

4. Content Reel
Content reel is normally used to place the text quickly. For example, if you want to add someone’s name to your UI design you don’t need to think more about it because it is all done under one plugin with one click. Dummy emails, First names, Phone numbers, Addresses, URLs, Cities, and much more. It also facilitates you with icons and avatars, what you can expect in one plugin make sure to checkout.

5. Avatars
As it is defined by name, this plugin gives you a quick circular avatar of a random face. Just run the plugin and that’s it😊.

6. Remove BG
This plugin can convert any image into PNG with transparent background. Now you don’t have to search for transparent background images just select the images in which you want to extract the object and run the plug, boom all done.

For example, this is the image we want to extract the car.

After running the plugin:

7. Biobs
Biobs is the Figma plugin used to make organic biob random shapes in just a click. Adjust the complexity and uniqueness as you like and get the smooth curvy edges. All shapes are different from the previous one. And all shapes are vectors you can adjust them manually too.

8. Icons 8 / Blush / Illustrations
These plugins are typically used to insert interesting illustrations into your project. Very Easy to use just search your image drag and drop the illustrations in the Figma file. Some of the are in vector form you can change the colors as well.

Icons 8 gives you a bunch of icons as well all icons are in SVG format. You can use icons 8 for free stock images and illustrations too.

9. Vectary 3D Element
This plugin is a time saver. These are used to make mockups. Vectary 3D element adding a missing 3rd dimension into your 2D project.

10. LottieFiles
With Lottie files, you can insert animations as high as SVG. Drag and drop your very own JSON files. You can convert Lottie files into SVG or GIF format. You can also customize the animation can change the background color and animation speed.

My Final thoughts:

These plugins help me a lot when I design. They speed up the process twice. You don’t have to go to 3rd party websites for searching for assets.

Thanks for reading… HAPPY DESIGNING!


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